Winter Tree Care – Wrapping Cedars, Boxwoods, and Other Evergreens

After a long hot summer this year in Ontario, the fall season is in full swing and winter is just around the corner.

It’s a bitter sweet moment, as Fall is one of our favorite seasons as we get to see the changing color of our trees and the yard work has slowed down, but at the same time, all of our beautiful and colorful flowers will die off and the garden beds will begin to look a bit bland.

With winter soon approaching and the temperatures across Toronto, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area getting lower and lower, it is time to do some important garden work, specifically winterizing your gardens and landscaped area.

In today’s article we are going to focus on wrapping your trees for the upcoming winter season and establishing proper Winter Tree Care techniques.

Most evergreen trees and coniferous plants in residential subdivisions within the Greater Toronto Area include the following:

  1. Emerald/Brandon/Spire Cedars
  2. White or Swamp Cedars
  3. Dwarf Spruce
  4. Boxwoods; and
  5. Yews

These species of trees and shrubs are wonderful and are generally hardy to our Canadian climate and cool winter temperatures, however, there are two things that can really impact these trees. These are wind and salt.

In parts of the Greater Toronto Area, including the northern regions such as Caledon, Vaughan, King City, and other areas north of Toronto and Lake Ontario, “Winter Burn” is a big issue for newly planted evergreen trees and coniferous shrubs.

Arborvitae: Emerald Cedar - How To Protect Cedars For The Winter - Winter Care
Emerald Cedar Hedge

During the winter months we can easily see temperatures hovering around the – 30 degree mark and this usually won’t harm these plants, but when we have high winds, the temperature can drop even further and these winds can cause a freezer burn effect on these plants and more specifically their needles.

The best way to protect your trees and shrubs from winter burn, is to wrap them or put them in winter tents. To wrap your trees all you will need is some burlap and zip ties or string. Placing your trees or shrubs in a burlap covering will prevent wind burn and will also prevent ice and snow from damaging their foliage. This type of winter tree care can be applied to most evergreen trees and shrubs.

Every year we wrap our trees and shrubs the day after Halloween. The weather is usually not too cold and you don’t have to worry about snow or your finger tips from freezing when tying down the burlap.

Evergreen Tree Wrap - Cedar Tree Burlap Wrap - Winter Care

If you follow the above guidance and wrap your evergreen trees and/or other coniferous shrubs during the winter months, this will greatly reduce the chances of winter wind burn and will result in healthier, greener, and happier trees/shrubs in the following spring.

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