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Fire Ball Compact Burning Bush

The Fire Ball Compact Burning Bush is a stunning ornamental shrub that produces bright red foliage in the fall. Its compact size makes it perfect for small gardens or as a container plant. The leaves turn a fiery red color in the autumn, giving the bush its name. It is easy to care for and requires minimal pruning. This plant is sure to add a pop of color to any landscape.

Fire Light Hydrangea (1 Gallon)

The Fire Light Hydrangea is a stunning deciduous shrub that produces large, cone-shaped flower heads in shades of pink, red, and white. It blooms in mid to late summer and is a popular choice for adding color and texture to gardens and landscapes. This hydrangea is easy to care for and can thrive in a variety of soil types and light conditions.

Globe Blue Spruce

The Globe Blue Spruce is a compact and slow-growing evergreen tree with a distinctive blue-green color. Its dense, conical shape makes it a popular choice for landscaping and it can be used as a focal point or as a border plant. This tree is low-maintenance and can tolerate a variety of soil types and weather conditions.

Golden Weeping Willow

The Golden Weeping Willow is a stunning tree with graceful, drooping branches that create a beautiful canopy. Its leaves are a bright golden-yellow color, adding a pop of color to any landscape. This tree is a great addition to any garden or yard, providing shade and a unique aesthetic appeal.

Goldflame Spirea

Goldflame Spirea is a deciduous shrub that produces stunning foliage in shades of gold, orange, and red. It blooms in the spring with clusters of pink flowers that attract butterflies and bees. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for borders, hedges, or as a focal point in your garden. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

Hill’s Yew

Hill's Yew is a slow-growing evergreen shrub or small tree that is native to the eastern United States. It has dark green needles and produces small, red berries that are toxic to humans but provide food for birds. Hill's Yew is often used in landscaping as a hedge or specimen plant due to its attractive foliage and tolerance for shade. It is also used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Icee Blue Juniper

Icee Blue Juniper is a stunning evergreen shrub with a unique icy blue color. Its foliage is needle-like and soft to the touch, making it a great addition to any garden or landscape. This plant is low maintenance and drought tolerant, making it a great choice for those who want a beautiful plant without a lot of upkeep.


Ironwood is a type of hardwood that is known for its strength and durability. It is commonly used in outdoor furniture, decking, and construction due to its resistance to rot and decay. Ironwood trees can be found in various regions around the world, including North America, South America, and Asia. The wood is prized for its rich, dark color and unique grain patterns.

Jantar Cedar (1 Gallon)

Jantar Cedar is a type of wood that is known for its durability and resistance to decay. It is commonly used in outdoor construction projects such as decking, fencing, and siding. The wood has a natural reddish-brown color and a distinctive grain pattern that adds character to any project. Jantar Cedar is also a sustainable choice, as it is harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Kindred Spirit Oak

The Kindred Spirit Oak is a majestic tree located in South Carolina that has become a symbol of love and friendship. It is believed that the tree has been standing for over 400 years and has witnessed countless moments of human connection. Visitors often leave messages and tokens of appreciation at the base of the tree, making it a popular destination for those seeking a sense of community and belonging.

Kwanzan Japanese Cherry

The Kwanzan Japanese Cherry is a stunning ornamental tree that produces beautiful pink double-flowered blooms in the spring. Its leaves are a deep green color and turn a vibrant orange-red in the fall. This tree is a popular choice for landscaping and adds a touch of elegance to any garden or yard.

Little Giant Globe Cedar

The Little Giant Globe Cedar is a small, slow-growing evergreen shrub that is perfect for adding texture and interest to any garden. With its dense, globe-shaped foliage and attractive blue-green color, this plant is a popular choice for borders, rock gardens, and containers. It is also easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of growing conditions, making it a versatile and low-maintenance addition to any landscape.