Patio Hanging Baskets are Perfect for any Business or Restaurant

If you own a business with any sort of street visibility or a patio area for your customers, then landscaping within these areas should be a top priority. Implementing simple and cost effective landscape features is a great way to make your business stand out and also create an inviting space for your customers throughout all seasons of the year.

We realize that most commercial establishments and business do not have the ability to plant large flower beds and gardens. But, in almost all cases most business including those located within commercial plazas along with standalone business such as storefronts, have the ability to install simple hanging baskets or planter boxes. Patio Hanging Baskets area also perfect for restaurants!

Commercial Hanging Baskets - Greenhouse to Garden

Hanging baskets are great landscape features for all business especially those with patios or covered areas. We commonly see hanging baskets installed within the following areas:

  • Restaurant patios
  • Sales offices
  • Ground floor commercial units with street frontage, and
  • Establishments that have entry awnings.

The reason we love hanging baskets is that they are very affordable and when maintained correctly they will add loads of color, turn heads, and create beautiful flower blooms all summer long.

At the end of the day, its these eye catching features that attract people to your business and ultimately create an inviting atmosphere resulting in greater customer interest.

Patio Hanging Baskets & The Restaurant Industry

Patio Hanging Baskets are especially great for the restaurant industry. The patio season in Ontario is not very long and usually ranges from the end of May to September. During this time it is imperative that restaurants create a patio atmosphere that is inviting, full of color, and also contained/framed in.

Restaurant Hanging Baskets - Greenhouse to Garden

Hanging baskets that are hung around the perimeter of a patio is a great way to naturally frame in a space. At Greenhouse to Garden almost all of our commercial hanging baskets designed for patios and other commercial establishments (restaurants) include a trailing vine or plant. Trailing plant species are one of our favorites since they are perfect in almost all environment settings, they are robust, and they create a natural cascading/curtain effect that frames areas perfectly.

If you have any questions about Greenhouse to Garden’s commercial planter arrangements for your restaurant patio or business, we would love to hear from you. At Greenhouse to Garden, our garden center services all of the Greater Toronto Area and provides commercial flower services to business within Vaughan, King City, Toronto, Caledon, Kleinburg, Woodbridge, Maple, Bolton, and many other area.

To get in touch with us our email is info@greenhousetogarden.ca or click HERE. You can also check out our Facebook page by clicking HERE.


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