Greenhouse to Garden: Where to Buy Annual Flowers and Plants in Vaughan and the GTA

Greenhouse to Garden is your premier online garden and the best place to buy annual flowers and plants in Vaughan (Kleinburg). We serve customers across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Known for a wide selection of annual flowers/plants, hanging baskets, planter boxes and more, Greenhouse to Garden offers a shopping experience like no other, all while offering affordable prices and the best quality product.

Greenhouse to Garden is dedicated to providing customers with the best selection of annual flowers and plants in the GTA. With a focus on quality and variety, customers can find everything they need to create stunning garden displays.

Overview of Greenhouse to Garden

Greenhouse to Garden is a leading garden centre in Vaughan, offering a wide range of annual flowers and plants. From vibrant petunias to lush impatiens, customers can choose from a variety of options to suit their garden needs. Greenhouse to Garden prides itself on offering a diverse selection of annual flowers and plants. Whether you are looking for traditional favorites or unique varieties, they can be found at Greenhouse to Garden.

Benefits of Annuals

Annual flowers and plants offer several benefits to gardeners. They provide instant color and beauty, making them perfect for adding flair to any garden or landscape. Additionally, annuals are easy to grow and maintain, making them a popular choice among gardeners of all skill levels. At Greenhouse to Garden, we carry a huge selection of annuals in a variety f colors and sizes. Some of our popular annuals include the following:

  1. Geranium 

  2. Wax Leaf Begonia

  3. Dragon Wing Begonia

  4. Impatiens 

  5. Petunia

  6. Million Bells Petunia

  7. Potato Vine and Trailers

  8. Bacopa

  9. Coleus 

  10. Dracaena Spikes

Online Ordering Process

Shopping at Greenhouse to Garden is easy and convenient, and is the best way to buy annual flowers and plants in Vaughan. Customers can browse our vast selection of annual flowers and plants online, place their order, and choose between delivery or pickup options. Ordering your annual flowers, planter, and hanging baskets with our online platform will save you time, and best of all there is no line-up. To browse through our large selection of annuals, hanging baskets, and planters, please click HERE.

Delivery and Pickup Options

At Greenhouse to Garden we offer delivery services within Vaughan and the GTA, making it easy for customers to receive their plants right at their doorstep. For those who prefer to pick up their plants in person, we have a convenient pickup location at our greenhouse in Vaughan (Kleinburg). For those interested in Greenhouse to Gardens Plant Delivery Service, certain orders may qualify for FREE delivery, while our standard delivery rate for Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area starts at $9.99. For more information on our delivery service, please click HERE.

Buy Annual Flowers and Plants in Vaughan

Greenhouse to Garden is the go-to destination for gardeners looking for the best selection of annual flowers and plants in Vaughan and the GTA. With its wide range of options, convenient shopping experience, and excellent customer service, Greenhouse to Garden is truly the best garden centre in the area.


1. What types of annual flowers and plants does Greenhouse to Garden offer?

We offer a wide selection of annuals, including but not limited to geranium, petunia, begonia, coleus, bacopa, potato vine, impatiens, and more. 

2. Can I order annual flowers and plants online from Greenhouse to Garden?

Yes, you can order your annual flower/plants, along with a wide selection of other plants, trees, and shrubs directly from our website. 

3. Does Greenhouse to Garden offer delivery services?

Yes, Greenhouse to Garden offers doorstep delivery for all of our plants with Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. 

4. Where is Greenhouse to Garden located?

Greenhouse to Garden is located in Kleinburg, Vaughan. We are a 5 minute drive from the Town of Kleinburg, Bolton, Nobleton, and Woodbridge. 

5. What sets Greenhouse to Garden apart from other garden centres in Vaughan and the GTA?

Greenhouse to Garden has the best annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and other plants at the best prices. We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. Our staff are always happy to help when needed and are always eager to assist with finding the rights plants for your gardens. 

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