CaféTO 2023 and Beyond (Café TO Sidewalk Cafés and Patios)  

Great news for all restaurants and cafés in the City of Toronto. It has been recently announced that the CaféTO streetscape program will be extended once again for the 2023 season and beyond. This is amazing news, not only for restaurant owners, but for people looking to grab a bit to eat and wind down outdoors during the summer months on a beautiful sidewalk café.  

Greenhouse to Garden is your one stop shop design and contracting team to help bring your streetscape and/or curblane patio to life. We will work with you from the initial consultation and design phase, we will assist in permit coordination, and we will build, install, and furnish your patio. 

Why Choose Greenhouse to Garden as Your Sidewalk Café Contractor? 

  1. We have in house designers, builders, and fabricators that will coordinate your project from start to finish. 
  1. We have experience constructing streetscape and curblane patios and sidewalk cafés.  
  1. We are also a commercial plant and flower supplier, so we have the best prices and products when it comes to furnishing your new patio or existing outdoor seating areas. 
  1. We have an inhouse Urban Planner, who will assist you in permit coordination, zoning compliance. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will assist you in getting any available GRANTS back from the City. In the past, we have been able to get up to $7,500 back into your pocket for each sidewalk café patio. This allows you to save 50% or more on your project.  


All of our Sidewalk Café builds and designs are modular. This is great for the end of season when disassembly is required. For most sidewalk patios, they can be disassembled with two people in 1-2 hours.  


The cost of an installed sidewalk patio ranges depending on size, railing design, finishes, and plants. However, our common materials include pressure treated wood platforms, powder coated aluminum railings, and planter boxes with grasses/shrubs. 

Small Patio: $2,000 – $4,000 

Medium Patio: $5000 – $15,000 

Large Patio:  $15,000 + 


The CaféTO is a great way to bring in more customers, and with the incentives provided by the City of Toronto, the cost of owning a sidewalk Café or Sidewalk Patio is drastically reduced by upto 75% in some cases.  

If you are interested in sidewalk cafes or are looking for a designer or contractor, Greenhouse to Garden is here to help. Feel free to send us an email at or click HERE

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